New Dog Toy! 2

When I was in Holland last August, I went with my friend, Winke, to puppy Class.  Her puppy is a student at a Martin Gaus School.  While the instructor was instructing, the group of puppies became rather roudy.  She tossed this toy into the room and some kibble or treats scattered… and of course the puppies were distracted with it.  They then began to play with this toy, so that it would reward them with more treat!  I thought, I have to have one of those!  Well, I have found a source and I have one!  Here is Lacey demonstrating the wonders of this interactive toy.

It didn’t take long for Lacey to figure out that if she knocked it over, it may spill her some treats.  You will notice that whenever she knocks it over, she searches the floor for treats!

For treats, I use a healthy dog food I don’t typically feed my dogs, so it seems “special.”

I would highly recommend this toy… and so would  Lacey.

2 thoughts on “New Dog Toy!

  • Anne

    O, how fun! We’ve got something like that too. We put some treats in a bottle, and Floyd has to kick and flip it. And a treat comes out!
    Great toys 🙂

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