Hi Connie,

I just wanted to check in to let you know how Olivia, or “Ollie” as we call her, is doing. We’ve only had her for 3 weeks, but she’s already brought so much joy to our lives. She is super easy going, and is always up to take part in whatever activity we happen to be doing. Whether we’re going for a walk, for a short drive, engaging in play, or even just hanging out around the house, she follows along with the happiest, proudest gait.

She started puppy classes last week, and is learning commands very quickly. She shows a natural, healthy interest in all things, dogs, and people, and is never afraid or anxious to jump into new situations. To me, this is a testament to the loving foundation you guys provided for her at Rivermist.


olivia_0722a olivia_0722b olivia_0722c olivia_0722d olivia_0722e olivia_0722f