Hi Connie,

Olly is doing great! He still isnt going in the crate and I really havent pushed the issue. I just leave him in my bedroom with a baby gate up when Im gone He hasn’t done anything to the room while Im away- doesn’t go to the bathroom or chew anything (I haven’t left him for more than 3 hours at a time yet though) He goes to doggy daycare 1/2 days and then at my lunch break I pick him up, bring him home and he waits 3 hours until I get home again. This is working out well so far. He is such a sweetie and is really starting to adjust now. He’s much less scared my cars/trucks now—still scared, but much less than before. We are starting dog training this weekend at a place caled Fido’s farm, in Olympia which Ive heard great things about from various people. They do all sorts of training there- from basic through to agility and therapy dog training, so I hope Olly and I will be there for a while- going through the different stages. I taught him sit, down and roll over so far…! Hes so mellow! and he goes to the bathroom every morning on our walks (not in the yard too much though- I guess he likes to do it when hes walking?)

Thanks Connie!


olly_0608Hi Connie,

Just checking in again. Olly is doing so well! My husband is here now..we got married last week! and Olly has adjusted just fine. He is the sweetest most loving kind dog I have ever met. He just goes with the flow and isnt afraid of anything anymore! At the beginning he was afraid of cars and even people sometimes and bikes and noises sometimes. he has gotten over all of that and has really come out of his shell. We take him hiking every weekend and he loves it. he also loves running around the yard and the neighbors dog comes over to play too (the neighbors dog is very choosy with his play partners but just loves Olly!)! Olly loves all dogs and is always gentle and just wags his tail all the time. He is happy and we are too. he and my husband are now best fiends!
Thanks Connie for Olly…he is the best dog I have ever known! My husband and I are impressed with him everyday!