Picnic Time for Doodle Dogs! 1

Rosetta catching some sun.

I know winter has really just begun, but we are feeling a little “cabin fever” in our log cabin.   We have expericnced some sunny days, but still a tad bit cold.  Today was just one of those days when you wished it was spring!

Yale and Bolton are still looking for their forever homes. Arriving Holland January 26!

Mazy’s puppies are 8 weeks old now.  Today was their big day!  They made the trip to the vet to be spayed/neutered or in other words, sterilized.  They were pretty upset about this trip beause they didn’t get any   breakfast!  They complained that they are growing puppies!  When I picked them up, they complained they were “hungry as a bear!”

So here are “the bears” after they got home from their visit to the vet.  You will notice no difference in their behavior… they are pretty perky.

I hope my grandchildren don’t mind sharing their dishes with the bears….


One thought on “Picnic Time for Doodle Dogs!

  • Tif

    UnAWARES! For 30 years I’ve been thinking it was “watch them catch their underWEARS…” hehe. The girls will probably wonder if THEY can have a teddy bear picnic on the living room floor with their dishes!

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