Pine Lodge Doodle Walk in Zeist, The Netherlands! 2

On Saturday, September 24th, a lovely doodle walk was held.  Annemarie Markerink and Ingrid Keizer organized the walk.  These ladies had to move the location twice, because the number of participants kept growing!  They are both very organized and even arranged perfect weather for the day!

Holland, australian labradoodle, doodle walk

We gathered in a parking area and greeted each other.  I’m not sure who was more excited to see everyone, me or the dogs!

We walked through the woods and then came to an area where the dogs could be off leash.  Oh were they happy to run and play!

australian labradoodle, doodle walk, holland doodle, labradoodle

It was not only a chance for us to reunite, but for brothers and sister dogs to reunite!

australian labradoodle, pine lodge labradoodle, labradoodle, holland doodle, doodle walk

And run…

australian labradoodle, labradoodle, pine lodge labradoodles, holland doodle, doodle walk

And visit….

australian labradoodle, labradoodle, doodle walk, holland doodle, pine lodge labradoodles

Hang out together…

Australian Labradoodle, Pine Lodge Labradoodles, Labradoodle, Holland doodle, Doodle Walk

Get a quick kiss…..

koda alone

And sit back and watch….


People came and went at their own accord.  We ended the day with a group picture.  From what we could gather, there were over 30 dogs that came that lovely sunny day.  And people… 120 to 140?

Thank you Ingrid and Annemarie for putting together such a lovely time for us all to get together!

As a breeder, you never know if you will see that puppy again.  Especially when you live in the U.S. and the puppy will be living in Holland, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg or some other country in Europe.  To be able to be in attendance this lovely Saturday, was like a dream.  I have no words to describe how it felt to me.  Thank you to everyone who could make the time to come and join in on the walk.  It meant so much to me and Roy.

2 thoughts on “Pine Lodge Doodle Walk in Zeist, The Netherlands!

  • Ciselle elgers

    It was just great being part of this event, such lovely dogowners, hugable dogs all over the place, brothers, sisters of several litters…. if you had seen this bunch having à labradoodle is just too much fun. They bring happiness, friendship, love and kisses!Thank you dear ladies for organzing and give us these sunny moments of joy!
    Love to you all, Ciselle (mum to Binky and Cookie “THE
    kisser ” )

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