General Store

Welcome to our little general store!

We have a few products that we just love, but have found they are hard to find in the local pet stores.  We would like to offer those to our labradoodle families or anyone else who is interested.

Contact Heidi if you would like to order any items


Poochie Bell is hereLouis_cupcake-114x151Introduced in 2005, The Poochie Bell is designed to hang over a door knob or on on a hook  near by  so that your pooch  can “ring” the bell, to let you know he needs to go outside so you will have no more accidents by the door!  Each unit comes with easy to follow instructions.  Each Poochie Bell is 26 inches long and can accamadate any size of dog.  These are These a American made  lead-free bone charms and bells exclusively designed with small holes and smooth edges are safe for family and pooch.

Poochie Bells solves the communication gap between owner and pooch!

Recommended starting age for pups is 10 weeks.

Poochie Bells are $15 plus shipping and handling.  Contact us for current ribbon choices.

U.S. shipping and handling  is $4.00.  Shipping and handling to Europe is $8.00

Email to order your Poochie Bell.


“A Few of Our Favorite Things” Grooming Kit

Grooming your puppy is very important.  It provides the opportunity to teach your puppy what you expect for the future.  Finding the right tools is your job…. and not always easy.  Here are a few of our favorite things for grooming.  You may buy them separately or in a total kit.


Top Performance ProEar Professional Ear Cleaners

Dubl Duck Ear/Nose Curved Shears

Available for immediate shipping

This kit includes four  of our favorite grooming tools.  First it includes a brush with that is flexible.  This is really important for your wrist!. This is a must! We cannot say enough about the Master Grooming  brush. It makes caring for your labradoodles coat so much easier and it will look so much better!

The second item is ear powder. This is a real time saver for labradoodle owners. Doodles ears tend to get very hairy. Very hairy ears can get yeast infections and smell bad. They also can get some very serious ear infections. Ear powder helps you to pluck out some of the unnecessary hair that can grow in your dogs ears.  It is easy to use.

The third item that we have added is an ear cleaning rinse.    Regular cleaning of the ears is important to maintain healthy doggy ears!

The fourth item that we have is a pair of 4 inch ball nosed shears.  We would not be without these!  They are so easy to use and you feel much better about where you’re cutting.  We like to use them around the eyes and the ears.  The ball nose makes them so much safer when trimming around the eyes of an active dog!  The short length makes it easier to cut where you want to cut.   Excellent balance and smooth cutting action reduces hand fatigue. Each blade is micro-serrated for years of precision cutting.

Price:  $35.  Shipped within the U.S. $40.50  Shipped to Europe $48.00


This kit is $68.00 shipped to the U.S. $75.00 shipped to Europe

Items bought singly:

Brush: $25.00 shipped to the U.S. $38.00 shipped to Europe

Ear powder: $8.00 shipped to the U.S. $12.00 shipped to Europe.

Ear wash:  $8.00 shipped to the U.S.  $12.00 shipped to Europe.

Price:  $35.  Shipped within the U.S. $40.50  Shipped to Europe $48.00

All items are available for immediate




Kong Zoom Groom Natural Pet Grooming Brush

Kong Zoom Groom Natural Pet Grooming Brush

This is a lot of fun!  We like to use one of these when we are bathing our dogs.  Who doesn’t love a massage?  Zoom Groom Natural Rubber Pet Grooming brushes provide a stimulating massage for pets while conditioning the skin.

For even more effectiveness, use one in both hand!

We have Zoom Groom in blue, as shown and in raspberry.

Price:  $10 for one, or $17.50 for two.  Plus shipping.


 Training Tools

Training is a very important and fun part of having a dog.  Both the dog and the owners can have rewarding experiences from good, and consistent training.  Here are a few of our favorite tools.  You probably have seen other tools like these… but these are especially wonderful, but hard to find in the stores.

Treat Pouch by Terry Ryan

What we like about this pouch is that you wear it, like a belt, but that you can pop the bag open, and it stays.  Your hand can easily slide in and out to pull out a treat quickly for your dog.  Timing is everything!  $12.00 Plus shipping.

Latigo Leather Leash

This leash is a nice quality leather.  The more you use it, the softer it becomes, and seems just like part of your hand.  It is 6 feet in length.  Great for training or a walking.  $16.00 plus shipping.

Clik-R and Clik-Stik

Clicker training is a reward based training where you train a dog to realize they did what you wanted, when they hear a click.  That is usually followed with a treat.  Again, timing is so important.  Well… some of  us are not as coordinated of clicker trainers as others… not mentioning any names.  With the Clik-r, it becomes a snap!  The Clik-R fits on your finger like a ring.  Many fit around your wrist on a bracelet.  When you need to click… you’re trying to find the silly thing… and soon you realize you’re too late.  With the Clik-R it is right there!

We also fell in love with the Clik-Stik.  A pointer is often used when training a dog.  Well typically you then not only have to juggle the clicker, the treat, but now the pointer too!  With the Clik-Stik, the clicker is built in to the pointer!

Both have a nice sounding click too!

Clik-R $3.00.  Clik-Stik $15.00 .  Plus Shipping