General Store

Welcome to our little general store!


We have a few products that we just love, but have found they are hard to find in the local pet stores.  We would like to offer those to our labradoodle families or anyone else who is interested.  We have put together two packs.


The first is our Pine Lodge Puppy Pack.  The includes most of the items you need to set up your home for a new puppy!  We can have it available for you to pick up, when you pick up your puppy, or have it shipped direct to your home, at no extra cost.


We also put together a Pine Lodge Grooming Pack.  This has the items you will need to keep your puppy clean, eye’s trimmed, nails clipped and ears clean.  It also can be ready when you pick up your puppy or it can be shipped direct to your home, at no additional cost.


Click to read about our Pine-Lodge-Puppy-Pack  .

Contact Heidi if you would like to order any items