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Meet Pine Lodge Jeremie. This Black and White Parti, mini Australian Labradoodle hasn’t been having a party since he heard about the devastation to the people of Haiti that was caused by Hurricane Matthew. His friends at NAVMC are planning a trip this weekend to provide hand surgeries and medical aid to the people most affected by the hurricane.

As devastation from Hurricane Matthew is still being evaluated, Pine Lodge Jeremie has volunteered to come to Haiti’s aid just like his buddy Pine Lodge Port – au – Prince. One of the areas most affected is Jeremie, Haiti, one of the cities on the southwest peninsula of the island that is now considered to be 90% destroyed. Doctors have already set up a clinic in Jeremie and are beginning to help treat victims from injury, illness and diseases such as cholera. The country is in need of supplies including simple antibiotics, IV materials and Oral Rehydration Solution (for Cholera).

All of the proceeds from Pine Lodge Jeremie will be donated to NAVMC to help provide medical supplies and care to the people of Jeremie, Haiti. Not only is this a great cause, but the purchase of Jeremie can be tax deductible (as the purchase will be a donation to a nonprofit). Jeremie is a premium boy who is guaranteed and registered the same as all of our puppies. The only difference is the money paid to purchase him goes 100% to the medical trip funding

We would also like to encourage everyone to support this wonderful cause and help this medical team get the needed supplies to people in Haiti: or


UPDATE: Jeremie’s mission to help support Haiti has been fulfilled and he will be going to live with his Forever Family soon! Thank you to all those who have spared a thought and care for this endeavor.

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    • Tif Calder Post author

      Pine Lodge Labradoodles is located in northwest Oregon, in the foothills of Mt. Hood.

  • lcmcgreevey

    Heidi, we just shared this on our FB page – not sure if you knew but Haiti is the country our family is Adopting from! We have been in process about 3 1/2 years and will be bringing home our 6 year old son hopefully within 6 months! Thank you for doing this! If I wasn’t so set on another standard pup I’d snap him up!! He’s adorable!

    • Heidi Alcorn

      I didn’t know you were adopting! How exciting! I didn’t realize it would be such a long process. I am very excited for your family. I hope I get to meet your newest little Mcgreevey!

  • Elizabeth Eberhardt

    Is Jeremie still available and if so can you please give me more details on him? Thanks

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