Pine Lodge Puppy Training

At Pine Lodge, we offer puppy training on a very limited basis.  We do this because we are busy, and if we are to train, we want to do it right! We will only commit if we have the time.   We also have a trainer we sometimes send puppies to that is absolutely excellent!


Part of our puppy training is preparing a puppy for grooming.  We feel  your puppy will have a much better experience at the groomer if they have been prepared for some of the things they will experience there, before hand.  To prepare our puppies, we take one day a week and work on this.

First of all we put the puppy up on the grooming table.  The first few times we do not use the grooming tethers, but we will after a couple of weeks.

We wash the puppies on our grooming day, if needed.  But our main goal today was to brush and comb.  We let the puppy smell our grooming tools.  We then begin brushing.  As we mentioned before, when you brush, you need to get below the top!  Start at the bottom, and add more hair to brush as you go along.  Use a comb to run through the coat, to make sure you got all matts out.  Combing and brushing the face, tail, ears and feet is a bit more sensitive.  Go slow and give treats!


Another part of our grooming day is trimming the nails.  Take off just little bits.  Doing this, a little and more frequently makes the nail trimming not such a traumatic experience.  While puppy is on the grooming table, we handle the feet, face, ears and tail, giving treats as necessary.  This helps the puppy get use to this, so your groomer has an easier time.

While on the table, we also clean the puppies ears.  With their ears being hairy and floppy, ear infections can be common.  Keeping on top of the ears being dirty or full of hair really helps in avoiding these infections.

This is also a good time to brush your puppies teeth.  Starting young can make this experience be a pleasant one.  Don’t fight with the puppy over brushing, but be positive and reassuring.

Yoda was such a good little guy on his grooming practice!  What a great little guy!