Entire Deluxe Puppy Pak
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Pine Lodge Deluxe Puppy Pak


Deluxe Puppy Pak Includes:

  • Two Dog Bowls
  • Training Reward Treats
  • Easy Crate with Double Doors
  • Crate Bed
  • Ex-Pen with a door
  • Waste Bags
  • Tug Toy
  • Fetch Toy
  • “Put Treats in” Toy
  • Crinkle Toy
  • Stain & Odor Eliminator
  • Grannick’s Bitter Apple Chew Deterrent
  • All Items in the Pine Lodge Grooming Pak: Puppy Shampoo, Mixing Bottle, Rubber Firm Brush, Ear Cleaner, Ear Powder, Master Grooming Flexible Slicker Brush-single, Master Grooming Flexible Slick Brush-double, Finishing Comb, Nail Scissors, Blunt Nose Scissors

For purchase in the USA only. For international orders, email shop@pinelodgelabradoodles.com for assistance

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Product Description

The Pine Lodge Deluxe Puppy Pak

This Pak includes everything in the Pine Lodge Grooming Pak as well as items that will help you train and play with your pup. Two dog bowls that are classy on the outside and stainless steel for easy cleaning on the inside. Soft, tasty treats will help get you started training right away. The crate is made of wire so your puppy can feel safe and enclosed like a den, while still being able to view what is going on around them. The Ex-Pen can be used as a playpen, a gate into a room, a way to block off things you don’t want puppy to get into, or a mini outside yard. The toys will provide ways for you to train your doodle, as well as let them have fun alone time. Teething puppies can try to chew on your furniture, walls, and anything else, but Grannick’s Bitter Apple Chew Deterrent spray is a quick and easy way to nip that habit.

Retail $315-$355 Only $255-$285

**Disclaimer: Pine Lodge Labradoodles at Rivermist Ranch is committed to providing the best quality items for your doodle at the best price, so the items in your Pak may not be exactly the ones shown here, but will be similar in value and quality.

At this time our Store only ships to the United States. International ordering is available, but will involve a different method of invoicing. If you are located outside the USA and would like to make a purchase, please email shop@pinelodgelabradoodles.com so we can assist you.

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