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A lot of people wonder, “What will my first few day’s with my new puppy be like?”  Puck arrived in The Netherlands on Friday.  It was such a joy to meet his family, after emailing, phoning and facetiming.  Today they sent a report of their first few days :

Hi Heidi,

 Thanks again for the warm welcome at Schiphol Airport.

Kids were as you have seen very excited to see and meet Puck!

 Puck was very quiet when we drove 45 minutes to our home, it seems he liked car riding and have done it already before?

 At our home, of course everything was very new for him.

 We showed him the crate area and feeding area.

After that he was very curious about things in his new home.

 He of course drank some water and Taste of the Wild  food.

 Then he rested.

 Because it was raining heavily and wind outside, Puck after a few meters wanted back to our home (not in the rain and wind).

So first 2 days he did his thing in our house (with his big thing we saw he was turning round and round…., his little thing he did in front of the (outside) door , no problem.

 The night we have put the crate next to our bed, this went very well, he saw us and after only a few barks he (and we !!) slept from 10 til 6.30.

Amazing for a puppy not craying the night.

 Also the second night we put Puck in the crate next to our bed, went also very well.

 Third night (he was already familiar with the room downstairs) we did not put the crate next to our bed, but have left it downstairs.

And before going to sleep I went outside with him; and it was amazing on the grass he did his little thing!!!!

We of course also gave him a nice warm bath, he was very quiet, seems he likes taking a bath?

 So this was a little story about Pucks first 3 days.

 He is really a lovely puppy with a very good character.


And so little Puck has begun his new life, and very happily!  Thank you to his wonderful family!


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  • Tif

    Aw, what a great little story. You will have to be sure and show it to Lilly so that she can not be nervous of her first days at her new family next month!

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