Puppies, Puppies, Puppies

We have been a tad bit busy around here lately.  We have been getting ready for lots of lovely puppies!

Skittles and Puppies

Skittles surprised us and decided to have her puppies a little early.  Both Skittles and Georgia were due on  Sunday or Monday, but I guess Skittles wanted to be first!  She provided us with some good Friday night entertainment on February 10th.  She gave birth to 8 puppies!  It is a very colorful litter.  She has 6 boys and 2 girls and these are tiny puppies!  They are all doing very well.

Georgia and her puppies

We thought Georgia was going to have her puppies on Sunday night… but she didn’t.  On Monday, February 13th Georgia finally had her puppies mid day.  She has 5 beautiful apricot-red puppies.  There are 3 girls and 2 boys.  This is her first litter and all are doing fine.

Rags and Puppies

But we’re not done!  Nope!  One more litter of lovely puppies were born… and this is a very unique litter.  We have Tobias’ lovely daughter, Rags.  You may have read about her love life HERE.  Well, Kokanee did make her dream come true.  Rags had itchy feet though.  She thought about joining the American Foreign Legion, but we just didn’t know how she would do with that.  So, we sent her to our friends at Amazing Labradoodles, in Almere, The Netherlands.  We co-own Rags with Wim and Monique.  On February 16th, Rags gave birth to 8 puppies!  We kept in contact during the delivery through email, video and texts…. but oh, I wish I could have been there!  But I did not need to.  Wim and Monique had everything under control just fine.   Rags and puppies are doing fine.


We have one more litter due this week.  This litter is due in Valkeswaard, The Netherlands.  Pixie is expecting 6 puppies we found out today!  An xray was taken and you could clearly see those 6 puppies!  The sire of her litter is also Kokanee (Don’t tell Rags though…)  These puppies are due on Feburary 28th.  We co-own Pixie with Rob and Miriam of Dutchess Doodles.  We will keep you posted about these puppies.

We will soon be breeding for our late spring and summer puppies.  We do understand that some of you have summer holidays planned and will not be ready for a puppy until August or maybe September.  Please contact us early and we can arrange summer camp here at Pine Lodge for your puppies.

So congratulations to Skittles, Georgia and Rags!  You girls are awesome!