Puppy with a Passport?

Does your Australian Labradoodle have a passport? Does she need one? Did you know they even exist? 

Eu Pet Passport Austrlian Labradoodle Travel  

They do exist! Let’s dive into the basics on animal passports. In the European Union there is something called a Pet Passport. It looks just like the kind you or I carry when we travel internationally, too. The pet passport allows pets to travel with their families across country borders just as their humans do. Rabies vaccinations and microchips or identifying tattoos are basic Pet Passport requirements. Most veterinarians in the EU are authorized to issue these passports.

Pets can be issued a Pet Passport in the US through a similar process as in the EU. When traveling between states, though, many people simply drive from one state to another with their pet. While our borders may not be controlled, it’s wise to look into the travel regulations when crossing state lines.

Each state is responsible for their own entry regulations and it’s pretty safe to expect that the state you’re traveling to does in fact require a health certificate. These are issued by your vet, and are good for 30 days. Essentially, this is the United States’ way of preventing the spread of diseases, much the way the EU requires the Pet Passport for travel between countries despite their open borders.

Many people in the US forego the health certificate, believing in good faith that their dog is healthy, but they do run the risk of being fined if they’re found to be traveling without the document. When flying, it’s best to check with the airline as their regulations may be different than the state you’re actually flying to.

Good luck, and happy travels with your Australian Labradoodle!