Puppy Road Trip 2014- Getting Ready 12

We decided to do something new.

Something we have never done before.

In fact, we had never even considered this idea before!

We decided to… hold on to your seats folks… to do a Puppy Road Trip 2014!

We will be leaving before the sun is up tomorrow to embark on a road trip that will encompass 6 states, 2300 miles and…. 7 puppies!




We love seeing the world, and especially our wonderful country.

DSC02314 (1) (1)

Why not deliver some of our puppies and do just that?  We contacted some puppy families and made a plan!  They are happy to have their puppy hand delivered and to have them TOTALLY use to traveling in a car.

It is now the evening before.  We have the puppies belongings packed.


Extra bedding, towels, shampoo, food and toys.  We have crates, exercise pens and our puppy stroller is getting a new tube in it’s front tire as I write!  The last few things are to load the car up tonight, give the puppies their baths and I suppose we should pack some clothes for us.









We will head out tomorrow and end the day in Salt Lake City, Utah.  One of my most favorite cities!

Check back with us tomorrow night, to see how day one went of our

Puppy Road Trip 2014! 

12 thoughts on “Puppy Road Trip 2014- Getting Ready

    • Franciele

      Donder or Truffle as we call him is groinwg. groinwg. groinwg. He is at 26 lbs and doing great! We live right by an Art College and all the students just stop by to love on him. He acquired the nickname chewbacka . His hair is so long and puffy it fits him perfectly. So has anyone gotten there puppy groomed yet?Truffle spends the day napping. He is really into playing catch with frisbees, or a tennis ball. He is doing great on walks, sits at corners and walks beside me. After about 10-15 minutes though he wants to take over; he grabs the leash in his mouth and thats where the dancing begins I try to remember he is still a pup and his attention span is not that long so once I get him calmed down he gets it. He is still a bit nippy with my 2 youngest not so much with me, my 13 yo or my husband. Puppy school is going well, he tends to hang out with the younger pups which is fine. I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to post a photo.

    • Sagrario

      I love having bleizty 18 lbs all ready she is hard to hold now when i hold her for a while i need to put her down because my arm hurts i showed her a picture of chloe and she licked it i am sure she misses her she is doing alot better at home sits comes lays down and makes eye contact with us she is doing really well cant wait till the pool gets open so she can swim because she loves the water

  • Phyllis

    Seven puppies! You have clearly lost your mind. Riding along with just my two can be an “adventure.” Good luck and I can’t wait to follow your trip.

  • Jan from Heartland

    Hopefully you will not run into bad weather this time of year, depending how far North you go, of course. We deliver regularly, but one November I drove 5 puppies myself in our station wagon from Iowa to White Plains, NY. and ran into a blinding snowstorm half way there! Would you believe we have 196,000+ miles on that car now?! Good Luck and enjoy your trip!

  • Lynn

    We will be happily “following” too! I know you’d guess that! Take care! Number 7 puppy (little
    red guy) family happily waiting for your last trip leg back to Oregon:)

    • Akash

      Thank you so much! It was a lot of work, but so much fun too. Chloe was full grown by 6 months so the puppy size doesn’t last long. Enjoy it while you can. Chloe miesss the pups and often carries their toys around whining and runs into the laundry room looking for them. We keep thinking we are going to wake them every time we go in and then remember they arent there. We have stayed busy though since the stomach bug hit our family this week so we aren’t ready for another litter any time soon. Thanks for taking care of our babies we are blessed for each and every one of you!

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