Puppy Training- A visit to the vet!

We are quite busy here at Pine Lodge with all our adult labradoodles and our puppies, but we do train puppies on occasion.

One thing we try to do is to make several visits to the vet.  Now not all the visits are actually for the puppies, but we bring them along, just for the experience.  There is a saying, “People can get sick at the hospital!”  We realize the same can be true with puppies and vets offices.  So until the puppies are fully immunized, they visit in a crate.

On this visit, our little student, Yoda, was getting several vaccines.

photo 1

Yoda took it very well.  He really could not understand why he was poked!

photo 2

Ebby passed the time looking through the magazines…

photo 3

She thought they were quite fun!

photo 4

And Gus, he enjoyed meeting all the people!

photo 5

Great visit puppies!