ralphie_0711dHello Connie,

We have been having so much fun with Ralphie (we changed his spelling….he didn’t mind!). We have all fallen in love with him — he is currently snuggling with my husband watching TV. This is the same husband who said “Are we sure we want a dog?” They absolutely love each other!

I can’t believe how easy our 1st few days of having a puppy have been. Even on his very 1st night he slept soundly without barking in his crate at all. He is just so agreeable to everything…even when it’s time to be crated. He’s so quiet — only heard him bark once while playing. His “potty training” is (so far!) going very well — not one accident in the house yet. I bought one of those “pee posts” and when we walk him over to it he goes every time (he already caught on that he gets a “treat” when he goes).

We brought him to my son’s soccer game last night. He met many people and behaved wonderfully. People were in awe over Ralphie….wondering what kind of dog he was. One woman was staring at me oddly when she finally came over and said she thought I was holding a stuffed animal and was shocked to see it move! He was certainly the star of the soccer game!

My children are so in love with Ralphie. Rebecca is truly his other Mommy, as I knew she would be. My son Jacob has shown me an incredibly careful, responsible side of himself…he goes around the house picking up teeny tiny little carpet “fuzzies” in fear that Ralphie may eat them! Ralphie loves Julia’s laugh and “eggs” her on by running around her and playing with her — they have so much fun together

As I mentioned, my poor kids endured me taking 7 months to investigate breeds and visit with puppy litters (without bringing one home no less– who does that??!!!). My family was starting to think I was a little coo coo! My oldest child said “Now I’m so glad you waited, Mom. Ralphie was meant to be ours.” Now I’m the hero!

We are all very happy with Ralphie, but just want you to know I believe he is truly happy here, too. His tail is always wagging. He’s made friends with our neighbor’s dog. Don’t tell Rosie, but he is bonding and loving his new “pack”. Though, his head certainly did “tilt” when I had your website up and he heard your voice calling for “Jordy”. : )

I really am amazed at Ralphie’s personality — he is exactly what I was hoping for for our family. Gentle, playful, not aggressive/dominant, quiet, easy-going, snuggler. It seems too good to be true — is this personality typical for all Australian Labradoodles? And I love his deep color and coat — he really does look like a teddy bear.

I can’t thank you enough for matching Ralphie to our family. You listened to our needs and picked the perfect puppy for us. We are very grateful. Please feel free to pass along my phone number or email to anyone that may need a reference.

I will send pictures soon, and will continue to give you updates.

Warmest Regards,
Carrie & Bob and family

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