reddman_0807I hope all is good?
I wanted to give you some feedback:

    • You should have received our paperwork.
    • We named our puppy Reddman Earl Daleen (RED)
    • Our vets have fallen in love with him – along with everyone else we know… (That tiny white “soul patch” he has on his chin is a Babe magnet!!!)
    • He is doing surprisingly great on potty training, etc., etc.
    • He loves being outdoors with us, we’re in the woods a lot….
    • I even took him on out on my fishing Kayak yesterday – he swims like a fish & loved it J!

He got over his jet lag & our time differences pretty quick. He is sleeping great all night now (except last Friday with Coyotes howling @ 3:30am….)

He is just 13 weeks now and about 10# – very happy & healthy.

His chewing stage is still a little challenging – but we’re making good progress.

We absolutely love him – Thank you for everything

Tom & Doreen