riley_0614What absorbs water like a sponge, jumps like a cat, and is as smart as six year old boy looking to get into trouble…. a 6 month old labradoodle. We have to keep an eye on his feet for baby slugs, he gets them between his toes when he plays in the backyard….they leave smear marks on the floors. Tomorrow he is scheduled for his first grooming. Maybe with less hair on his toes, he will attract less small critters to stick to them.

Puppy training classes are going great, he sure likes to play with all the other dogs. Meghan likes taking him to the park and beach to keep her company in the sun. He sure starts many conversations. He loves going for rides and makes a great companion even when just running errands. He is the first dog we have ever had that likes to watch TV. He tries to talk to the other dogs and animals in the movies, he is so serious about it too. He was really into watching the horse races… cheered them on the entire way. Fetch has become one of his favorite things too.

The vet is madly in love with him and tells me you have provided the most comprehensive information and care she has ever seen. He had his last shots a couple weeks ago and now weighs 19.3 pounds.

Meghan will be moving out by the end of the year with Riley and Bear (my son’s boxer) is already gone 50% of the time to his girlfriend’s house… needless to say, we will be lonely and need to visit you for another addition to our family next year. Paul still talks about the little parti colored girl you showed him.

One of Meghan’s friends had the best description of Riley…. He looks like a walking white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. How true!

Have a great summer,