ripley_1029Hi Connie,

Ripley is starting his second week and is doing really well. He’s adjusting so nicely to our family. He so much lives to please and is a quick learner. He rarely has any accidents inside anymore. In fact the was doing very well until Sunday when we had strong winds and thunderstorms. He wasn’t able to go outside because he was afraid of the storm even though I snuggled and spoke softly to him for reassurance. He then made a mess and piddled in the living room but considering the circumstances I don’t count that too harshly against him as a miss. All with time. He really loves the morning walks I take with him before going to work and the late evening walks before bedtime. He’s learned to heel nicely and stops and sits at intersections. I work at home 1 or 2 days a week and he just loves laying right beside me on his bed like shown in the attached picture.

We love him so much and are very thankful to have found you online. We can’t imagine our family without him

Thanks again — Paul