chinaRose_1213Hi Connie,

I don’t know how you manage it, what with all the new litters that require your attention, but you have done it again. You picked the perfect puppy for my family. Rosie has settled in beautifully; there just couldn’t be a better match.

She is so smart and strong, curious, confident and full up with love and sweetness. But I imagine I am preaching to the choir. She is, in fact, just your normal Australian Labradoodle. What a remarkable breed! And Rivermist Labradoodles, from my research and experience, brings some of the best.

I have to comment on her eyes. Beautiful, beautiful eyes with a touch of green lining her pupils, they are trusting, sparked with her energy and intelligence. Even her normal puppy antics cannot hide her sincere desire to please and to become yours. Emily loved her from the get- go; Annie is a bit more hesitant. But Rosie tails her relentlessly in her desire to make friends. Hope springs eternal in this little puppy, and I have no doubt of her success within the next day or so.

Thank you again for sending such a delightful dog.