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Hello labradoodle fans!


It is me, Sharlie Brown.  I thought I would just do a little blog today.. about me!  And my upcoming little puppies!

Today I went to see my reproductive vet.  I am due on May 22nd.  By the way, the 22nd is National Buy an Instrument Day.  Thought you should know… Anyway, so I went to the vet.


It was fairly busy there.  I had some time to think… and wonder.  Checked my facebook…. perused pintrest about puppies….And I waited.


And waited.  I decided to take a nap, since I had this opportunity.



Then, finally it was my turn!  My turn to have an x-ray.  The purpose of the x-ray is to count how many puppies I will need to deliver.  And also to measure, and make sure none of the puppies are too big to deliver naturally.  So I went in the x-ray room and laid very still… wait!  First they had to weigh me… I’ve gained 13.5 pounds!


Then I waited for my doctor to let me know….


She showed me this x-ray.  Can you count how many puppies I have?  It is quite a few puppies!

BeFunky_breeders and party 020.jpg

I guess I should mention my honey, the daddy of my puppies.  Raleigh is the hansom guy.  He’s such a honey.

Did you figure out how many puppies I’m carrying?  This pictures may help.


That’s right!  I am having TWELVE PUPPIES!  It blew me away!

We are still looking for some more adoptive puppy families.  Let me know if you might be interest.

Thanks for reading my blog to the very end..

Lots of love and licks,

Sharlie Brown


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