So Go Ahead and Hug your Dog

Nothing like a doggy hug and kisses!

Have you ever seen a puppy or a dog, and you just have this urge to touch it, to give it a hug?  Australian Labradoodles probably get this all the time!  They are just begging for that hug!  And fortunately, most of them like to be hugged.

Hugging has been part of man’s way of expressing appreciation for centuries!  But a hug can mean so much more!

Scientific studies over the year have shown many benefits of hugging.  Researchers have studied and proven that  the  human touch can help babies stay healthier and sleep better.   With difficult and unruly  teenagers it has shown to reduce their negative behavior.  With returning soldiers who have see and suffered so much, it has helped ease their anxiety and help with healing.  With those critially ill, such as cancer patience, it has been proven to ease the pain.


Even a massage or something so small as a pat on the back can cause positive things to happen.

But what about touching and hugging your dog?  Can this benefit you?  Can it benefit the dog?  Research has shown that when people pet their dogs, their blood pressure goes down!  It also has been shown that petting dogs can help ease pain.  It can also help improve your immune factors.  When your petting or hugging your dog, this great thing happens… you forget to focus on yourself!

And the dog, they of course benefit likewise!

So go ahead, hug your dog!  Set a goal to give that poochie at least a couple hugs a day!