Tabby’s Puppies

Life is sure busy with so many litters of puppies at once!  When I lay my head on my pillow each night, and close my eyes… I see puppies!  When I hear the birds, I have to wonder if it is really puppies, not birds!  Currently you could say our life revolves around puppies!

One of the responsibilities we have is to make sure each puppy is in good health when he leaves here.  He has had all of the vaccinations he may have, a microchip is inserted that has a unique identification number for each puppy and that he/she are spay or neutered.

Today we took Tabbie’s puppies into Willamette Valley Animal Hospital to do just that.  We know the families that have puppies reserved would like to know how it went, so we made you this little movie.  You will see, they are doing great!