Tabby’s Visit to her ob gyn

That's me, Tabby!

Yep!  That’s me, Tabby.   That snapshot was taken earlier today when I was at my first ob gyn appointment.  I am soooo excited!  Of course, I am just a naturally happy girl anyway… but I am going to have puppies!  I met this really cute guy, Ranger, and we thought we would just see where it would go.

So today, I went for my first visit to the vet.  She listened to my heart, pushed my tummy around, checked my teeth  and ears and eyes.  But I must say, my favorite part was the scale!  I don’t know what it is about the scale, but I loved getting on it and standing.  Then getting off it.  Then getting on it again.   And again!  So much fun.  I now know I weigh 53 pounds!  I am what is considered a standard girl.

I live at Pine Lodge, with a bunch of other Australian Labradoodles and we keep a few people to do the work for us.  We have them pretty well trained too.   I haven’t always lived here though.   I was born around an hour north of here at Tualatin River Labradoodles. There I was named Tualatin River’s Bewitched, but most folks just call me Tabby.

My dad is called Apollo.  What a guy!

Tualatin Rivers Apollo Rythm and Soul

My mom is Juno.  What a sweet lady.

Tualatin Rivers Time to Parti Juno

I was raised and trained around an hour south of Pine Lodge at Fern Ridge Labradoodles.  But I was a little too big for their program, so I came here, to Pine Lodge.   And that is where I first met Ranger!  My true love…

Now Ranger is just a stud… of course… but awesome!  He is my “little man.”  You see, Ranger is a bit smaller than me… weighing about 30 pounds.  But what a guy!  Always quick with a joke or a lick.  Everybody loves Ranger!

ASD's Lone Ranger

Ranger is actually a California boy, but he moved up here to Oregon to be part of Pine Lodge’s program.

His dad is Manor Lake Rusty.


His mom is the lovely ASD’s Sundae.

Ranger and I will have lovely puppies!  They will have coloring like us, which is called parti.  White with brown spots most likely/    Our happy, cheerful personalities are likely to be found in our lovely puppies as well.

Our puppies will probably arrive that first week of May, and be ready to go in early July.  If you would like more information about the puppies, please just email:

Me, dreaming of Ranger...

If you need me for anything, I will just be dreaming of my “little man,” Ranger.

May your trails be full of good smells,