teddy_0918 teddy_0918bHi Connie

Just wanted to send a note on our Teddy. We have been so in awe of him and his calm laid back nature. He is doing well and our two little boys love him and play with him in the most loving way. It hasn’t even been a week and he is doing so well with the potty. He loves going for walks and we were so amazed at how gentle he is socialized to everything in such a calm manner. He seems a little old man in a young body. On a special note you should know that my 82-year-old father who has prostate cancer and is somewhat reserved has really taken to him. The two sit together for long hours and spend many afternoons together. He has grandpa as a daytime babysitter and his young family in the evenings. I can’t thank you him off. Whatever you have done there to make him this way is so unique. Everyone we meet comments on how calm he is. I thought you might like this recent photo.