teddy_0824Dear Connie,

Our darling puppy (Sierra Rose and Chase) has been with us since July 11, and from the first second he came out from his crate at the San Diego airport, wagging his tail and into my arms, we were in love with him! I know everyone says they have the best Rivermist puppy, but we think Teddy is the most spectacular puppy we have ever had! Not only is he very smart and eager to learn everything quickly, he is gorgeous! And, he comes when I call him! Everywhere he goes people ask me if they can take his picture (I usually have our beautiful Westie with me, and no one ever asks to take her picture!)

He just had his first grooming this morning and I had to capture this image before he got into active exploring and/or playing in water! And, he sat still!

We laugh out loud at his antics. He is growing up so fast…he has huge blank spaces in his mouth where he has lost puppy teeth… I want to say, “wait, this is too much fun! Please take a little longer to grow up”. He is doing so well in his puppy class…I think we will keep going to become certified as a therapy dog! He has it all!

Thank you for sending us this puppy. We are all very, very happy! Life is good.

Nina and Dan