We wanted to fill you in on our Rivermist Labradoodle Theodore, who goes by Teddy. He was part of Brooke’s July 22, 2011 litter. He has grown to be a gorgeous apricot and white parti. His coloring is remarked on frequently by people (especially dog owners) when we take him for walks, to the park or out and about. He has grown to be a 30 pound tank (all muscle), a bit bigger than we expected based on his parents, but a good size for our family. He has a very sweet temperament and is a wonderful member of the family. He gets along well with his “big brother” Xanadu, our German Shepherd, and they are great pals at the park and on hikes. He runs like a jackrabbit, easily outrunning even his brother. Teddy loves to lay upside down and often sleeps that way (we see several other pictures on your website of doodles doing the same thing – it must be a breed trait). Labradoodles are very popular in our area – often the most common dog at the local dog park near us –and it’s easy to understand why. Attached are a couple of pictures of Teddy from the past year. We love our Teddy! Thanks so much for bringing him into our lives.

Shirley, Madison and Greg

theodore_1219a theodore_1219b theodore_1219c theodore_1219d theodore_1219e theodore_1219f