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This past weekend was a weekend to NOT forget!  We were given a wonderful opportunity by Connie and John of Rivermist Labradoodles.  We are partnering  Rivermist with Pine Lodge!   We have moved from Pine Lodge, leaving our son and his family with some of the dogs to care for.  We are now moved and settling into the Rivermist Ranch, which is located a little over an hour away.

What a move!  We had 5 mama’s with babies to move!  It took some planning to do this!  But we are here!  We could have never have done it without the help of family and friends.  We were amazed with the out pouring of help and support we received.  Wow!  There are some incredible people!

Emisue has been out this evening, getting some great pictures.  We hope you enjoy them, and welcome to Pine Lodge at Rivermist!

Our youngest puppies are Agnus and Colie’s puppies.  These girls decided to have their puppies on the same day…. this was a long day!  They are a week old.

Colie’s mini reds.  We will have one male available.

Agnus’ cream and black standards.  These guys are beautiful!  We have room for three more reservations.


Sharlie has some beautiful large mediums to small standards.  All have beautiful chocolate fleece coats.  The puppies are just opening their little eyes!  But those eye lids are soooo heavy to hold open! We have room for one more reservation.



Tabby’s parti, standard pups are now 3.5 weeks old!  And they are growing fast!  They love being with people now!  We have room for 1 more reservation!



These are some of our new Rivermist puppies.  The parents are Shea and Barnes.  These are minis and will be ready for their new homes in a couple of weeks.  We have available Dotty and her two brother, Freddy and Teddy.


This hansom guy is Toby.  He will be a large mini!  Toby is a very friendly and playful guy.  He will grow to be around 25 pounds.  He is the son of Britt and Hampton.



Coco’s puppies are 7 weeks old this week!  Their coats are the very rare choclate phantom.  We will have one boy available from this litter.


Marion Berry’s puppies are reserved, but thought you might enjoy seeing the little guys.


Aren’t these girls the cutest?  These are Henna’s puppies.  We’d like you to meet June bug and Firefly.  Both are available.


These two girls have had an extended stay with us.  They are heading for Sweden and Holland this coming week.  These are Nessi’s puppies.


Talk about seeing red! These are Elin’s puppies.   This is another Rivermist litter.  These beautiful, red puppies will be between 35 and 45 pounds. They will be ready to go in around 2 more weeks. We have room for 10 more reservations.

And there you go!  Pine Lodge at Rivermist!  

One thought on “The Big Move

  • Marsha Stolzoff


    I am very interesting in adopting a mini female puppy. Do you have any available? Also, I couldn’t tell which state you are in on your website. Can you give me some idea of your location?

    I would appreciate an answer to my questions before I go ahead and fill out an application. If you do have female puppies under 25 pounds, when would I be able to visit?

    Thank you,
    Marsha Stolzoff

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