The Treat Blanket 2

My friend Sanne Boer gave us this wonderful gift, a treat blanket.  This is a blanket that has all sorts of hiding places for treats.  The dogs LOVE it.  I thought I would see how some puppies would do with it.

I chose to have Jill and Donnie give it a try.  You see, Sanne has a couple of our Australian Labradoodles herself!  One of her doods is an older sister to these two pups!



So I thought I would give Flor’s little brother and sister the honor!

Such a fun and challenging game for the puppies!  Mick, I guess he’s not a nose guy…

Thank you Sanne for this wonderful blanket… it’s a hit!


2 thoughts on “The Treat Blanket

  • Patty

    Jax and I recently finished a “scent games” class – just for the fun of it. Jax was the only small pooch and he was the only one out of the other five (big) dogs who found the treat immediately and didn’t bother with the container that had no treats. What noses!!

    • admin

      I am so happy to hear Jax has a good nose! Scent games are lots of fun. He is one smart cookie!

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