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On July 13, 2016, FernRidge Black Cypress and Pine Lodge Diamond Gem had a litter of gorgeous Australian Labradoodle puppies. Pine Lodge Labradoodles at Rivermist Ranch is where Tommy van ‘t Schip began her sweet life. For weeks she lived with her lovely mama and papa, and colorful siblings. Each week she grew a little more and developed her personality.

Life at Pine Lodge Labradoodles is always full of adventure. Tommy got to hang out in the sun, having her photo taken like a star, she ran like the wind, and tried on some cool clothes.

Soon, though, Tommy started to grow up. She knew her time at Pine Lodge would soon be ending so she made the most of it.

While Tommy was preparing to say her goodbyes, there was a home preparing to meet her on the other side of the world. Tommy was going to move to The Netherlands! Tommy worked hard on her crate training and made a visit to the vet. Her family sent pictures of the bench (this is what the crates are called in The Netherlands) she would be sleeping in. It’s handmade and certainly has all the other dogs at Pine Lodge jealous.

To get to The Netherlands, Tommy first had to travel to Seattle, Washington. This was her first time out of state, and she was quite excited. Roy and Heidi, the brawn and brain behind Pine Lodge Labradoodles, made sure she made some fun last memories of life in the United States. Tommy was lucky enough to have a travel companion and they stopped to take some fun pictures.

After a pleasant flight, most of which Tommy slept her way through, the plane touched down in Amsterdam! Ready and waiting, Tommy’s Forever Family welcomed her with open arms and hearts. Life in the Netherlands has only just begun for Tommy, but she has made herself right at home, and worked her way into the hearts of her family already.

Happy life, Tommy!


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