I have never felt so much passion for a dog as I do for Tucker. He fussed a little on the ride home, but settled down. From my sisters to my house not a peep 🙂 We were in bed by 11:00 ( Tucker in his crate ) next to my bed and was perfect until 8:30 when I got up. We have been out watering plants and he is laying next to me on the cool tile in the kitchen. We will go for a short walk before it gets to warm. I LOVE HIM!!! Thanks again I will refer others to you as I hear about their searches for the perfect dog.


Photos of Tucker and my porch we spend a lot of time outside playing in the flowers and lounging on the deck. We look a lot a like 🙂 He stayed home by himself today and was perfect. I left him in the kitchen. No messes or chewing. He has impressed everyone who meets him. We walked the golf course this afternoon and he made many friends. He sits before he comes in the house and is catching the fresbee and returning it 60% of the time.Thank you agin I love this little guy!!!

tucker_0829e tucker_0829d

Tucker is GREAT!!! He went to doggie day care and they loved him. He wins everyone over.

tucker_0829b tucker_0829c