Upcoming Puppies- WAITING LIST OPEN

Waiting List is Open!

We have the following litters of Australian  labradoodle puppies planned for the near future.  An Australian  Labradoodle puppy  in an upcoming litter may be reserved by  filling in a puppy application and putting down a deposit. A deposit of $400  is necessary to secure your puppy. Please email or call for prices and for an application to be emailed to you.   Contact us by phone at 503.508.3559 or email us at contact@pinelodgelabradoodles.com

Lexi and Red

are expecting medium puppies

In apricot to red!

                                                                                                                 August 6th!

                                                                                                     We are taking one more reservation.


Agnus and Barkley

are expecting large mediums to

small standards

In just about every color!

Due August 23rd!

This Reservation list is full until after the puppies are born.


Sunny and Red

are expecting large mini’s

In apricot to red!

Due September 1st.

Waiting List is Open!


 Tabby and Ranger

Are expecting medium to standard size puppies!

In white with brown spots!

Due August 30th.

Waiting List is open!


Phebe and Ollie

are expecting mini’s!

In black, apricot and Parti!  (That means white with spots.)

Due August 30th.

Waiting list is open!


Gretchen and Ranger

Are expecting!

Puppies will be mini chocolates.

Due August 30th

Waiting List is now Open!







  • Wimsey and Ranger  for mediums in chocolate and parti
  • Milly and Red for mini’s in apricot
  • Shirley and Red for apricot, black and chocolate mediums
  • Coco and ? for mini’s
  • Cinco and? for mini’s to mediums
  • Luna and Red for mini’s to small mediums in red, brown and black
  • Molly and Ollie for mini’s in chocolate, black and parti

We have other dogs we will be breeding as well.  This page will be updated as dogs are bred.

You may contact Heidi at 503-508-3559 or contact@pinelodgelabradoodles.com