Upcoming Pine Lodge Labradoodle Puppies- WAITING LIST OPEN

Waiting List is Open!

We have the following litters of Australian  labradoodle puppies planned for the near future.  An Australian  Labradoodle puppy  in an upcoming litter may be reserved by  filling in a puppy application and putting down a deposit. A deposit of $400  is necessary to secure your puppy. Please see our pricing page for more information. You may also email or call with additional questions and for an application to be sent to you.   Contact us by phone at 503.508.3559 or email us at contact@pinelodgelabradoodles.com



Sharlie and Raleigh will be having their first puppies ever!

The puppies will be mediums and standards, between 40 and 60 pounds, in chocolate and possibly cream.

The puppies are due May 22nd and will be ready to go home in late July.

We are now accepting 5 more reservations.  Sharlie is carrying 12 puppies!!!

BeFunky_breeders and party 038.jpg


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Agnus and Kokanee are expecting STANDARD size puppies!

These puppies should be 45 to 65 pounds in a variety of colors.

The puppies are due May 28th and will go home at the end of July

We are taking 2 more reservations.

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Sunny and Red are expecting large minis!

These puppies will all be red or apricot.  They are due June 17th and

will go home in mid August.  The litter waiting list is open and we have room for 1 more reservation.

Tulip Fields


BeFunky_breeders and party 043.jpg

Violet and Raleigh are expecting medium puppies!

Puppies are due June 16th.  The puppies will be 30 to 40 pounds in size.  They will be chocolates and maybe some creams.  Some of the puppies may have white chest, chin, toes or forehead.  All will be adorable!  Waiting list is open and we have room for 4 more reservations.

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Wimsy and Diamond are expecting medium size puppies!

Puppies are due July 8th.  The puppies will be 25 to 35 pounds.  They should be solid chocolates and creams.  Some of the chocolates might have little splashes of white.  All puppies are promised to be darling :)  The waiting list is open.  We are taking 3 more reservations.




  • Millie and ?


    • Lexi and ?


  • Beckett and Cannon for standards in chocolates and creams, both solids and parti


We have other dogs we will be breeding as well.  This page will be updated as dogs are bred.

You may contact Heidi at 503-508-3559 or contact@pinelodgelabradoodles.com