Visit to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm! 5

We are lucky enough to live in a climate that is good for growing tulips, one of my favorite flowers!   We took a little trip to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm to enjoy the beautiful variety of tulips they have blooming.  We piled into the  doodle mobile with three people and 9 dogs and puppies!  Here are some of the amazing pictures Emisue captured!

This is our sweet little stud dog, Red, that we co-own with Springville Labradoodles.

This little mischievous girl is Marion Berry.

This is our black beauty, Agnus.

Milly was not going to miss the chance to tip toe through the tulips!  She is our smallest mini.

This big girl is our up and coming Sharlie, a standard.

Diamond is just a young guy and it’s his first trip to the fields.

Hunter is enjoying the flowers, getting ready to leave for The Netherlands soon!

Charlie, his brother is going there also!

Scout, Emisue’s doodle, is always happy to go along for the fun!

Happy Spring!

5 thoughts on “Visit to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm!

  • Tif Calder

    Charlie and Hunter must be getting acclimated for their new forever home, what with Tulips and all that! I swear Hunter us giving you a great “we are NOT amused” look there.

  • Ardie

    Such fun pictures of the dogs in the tulips. Emisue should enter the photo contest.
    i just met my new grand dog-ter Penny last night. She is Charlie and Hunter’s sister, aka Annabelle. She is such a cutie, sweet, and so much fun. We really enjoyed her. She is so precious.

  • Roger Crawford

    Great job by Emisue! I fancy myself as somewhat of a photographer (mostly Landscapes) but getting good pictures of our dogs is almost impossible; they never hod still:) Anyway looks like fun and again awesome pictures.

  • Edmar

    That first image is amazing. I love all gedarns but the one that took my breath away and was hard for me to leave even after being there for 5 hours was Bushchart gedarns in British Columbia. I got to be there in the spring and the tulips were like nothing I have ever seen before. That is where I saw a black tulip for the first time. If you ever get the chance to go I highly recommend it!!! Enjoy your tip-toe through the tulips,Kathysue

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