Walking the Streets of Silverton

The youth at our church were doing a service project this last week.  They asked if they could do some service for us… and we of course said SURE!

We chose four of our adult dogs to take a walk, Red, Coco, Agnus and Izzie who is actually our son’s dog, but was visiting.  Izzie has a bit of a disability, but she doesn’t let it slow her down!  She has just three legs.  We also brought along two puppies and a puppy stroller.  We got the dogs walking harnesses on, along with the leash and matching scarfs, thank you Doggycolors for those!  Then we loaded everybody in the Doodle mobile.  At the church we picked up 6 more passenger- 5 walkers and Emisue, our photographer… and we were off for downtown Silverton!

Here we have Brooke walking Red.  Marah walking Izzie.  Spencer has two puppies in the stroller.  Tyler has Coco and Jacob has Miss Agnus.

You can see we have some good movies playing…


The young men and ladies also brushed each of the adults…


And Spencer had the hardest job, cuddling puppies.

But then everyone wanted to cuddle them…

We also found that we were not the first people to be walking dogs in Silverton.  Bobby Dog is a famous dog of Silverton.  His story is portrayed on some lovely murals.

We appreciate the time these guys took to walk our dogs… It was a fun evening!