We’ll Sing in the Sunshine!

Two of Tilly’s puppies are still with us, Hendricks and Tina.  They have made their travel arrangements, and are just waiting for their date to come…

Hendricks will be going to The Netherlands to live.  He looks forward to the many canals, riding in a basket of a bike and spending time with Maureen and Jasper, his very own children!  He will be arriving in November.

Tina is very excited about her plans!  She will be traveling to the country of Finland!  She is hoping to get some nice snow boots to wear and to see the northern lights.  She has her very own child, Ebba, a little girl just like her!

We have the fall weather with us, so the puppies have been disappointed to not being able to play as long on the grass.  Today, it is sunny, so they are happy to play and play.  Here is their video!