Where do we go Wednesday- to Idaho!

Hello Wednesday followers.  I  know you have been wondering where we will take you to today!  Today we are taking you to the great state of Idaho!

Pine Lodge Labradoodles began in the fall of 2005.  I found myself living in a new state, in a new town with no children left at home.  The sudden death of my son’s boxer dog, Audrey Hepburn, led me to ask myself, “Self, aren’t you feeling a bit displaced?  Wouldn’t you like to do something new?  How about raising labradoodles?”  Once I had this conversation with myself, I had it with my sweet husband, and Pine Lodge Labradoodles began.

Our first litter of puppies was born in February 2006.  We kept one puppy from that litter, and named the lovely little girl Sadie, after my great Aunt who had the most beautiful white hair you have ever seen and one of the most ornery personalities you have ever met… except to Roy.  He could see right through her and smooze her any day.

This weekend, in Kuna, Idaho, we celebrated Sadie’s 6th birthday!  Sadie lives , with our son Cori and his family.

Sadie waits to blow out her candlesSadie was rather surprised to be seated at the table with her very own birthday cake!  She was not quite sure what to do about the candles….

Her children enjoyed her party!

Party hats were a must!

Everyone enjoyed wishing Sadie a Happy Birthday and eating cupcakes.

Gideon is enjoying his first chocolate milk!

And what would a party be, without singing “Happy Birthday?”


We asked Sadie if she would like to do something special for her birthday.

Sadie had to think about what she would like to do special for her birthday.

Sadie had to think a minute about what she would like to do special, for her birthday.   She finally had an idea.

“Well,” she admitted, ” because I am a dog, digging and burying things have always been quite intriguing to me.  I have heard of something called Geocaching.”

Geocaching is a real life treasure hunting game.  People hide little containers with a log and little treasures.  You can got to websites, such as the official Geocache site, and find  clues, to a hidden treasure near you.  People generally use a GPS to find the site.

“Let’s get in the car and do that!  ” she said.

The children were very excited!  They followed Gideon and and loaded up the car…

Gideon got in the car, ready to go...

"We're ready!" the children said!


Sadie patiently smiled, and shook her head.  Her children are such goofs!

Sadie led the children to the family van...

The family finally all piled in the family van.  Dad checked on his I-phone for a good place to look.  That led the family to a park.

It’s a nice little park with benches and a man made fishing hole.

Now remember, Sadie lives in Kuna, Idaho.  This is a short distance from Boise, Idaho.  This is kind of a high desert type climate.  Here are some typical scenes of this area…. picture tumble week, desert and cowboys and Indians…

A Kuna Gulch


Hiking around the nearby Gulch


The makings of tumble weeds...


And so Sadie was ready to begin her great treasure hunt!  Remember, Sadie has never actually geocached before.  She is excited and anxious to try her dog skills at this new favorite past time.  She has been a high desert dog for  4 years now.  She has not learned to fish or swim in the fishing hole.  Here is a little video to share with you how Sadie thought this all should be done….


Well… it was decide that maybe we all should help Sadie a little…. So Cori got the app going on his phone…

After some following the directions on the phone and looking around, a small container was found… now to get it out.

The small container was spotted in a little hole in the rocks.

Lilly tried to get it out…

Lilly's arms were not quite long enough.

Havah gave it a try…

Havah was able to retrieve the container!


We dumped the contents out on the ground…

Wow! Look at those treasures!

You then take one treasure and put something else in the container.  You can see Cori is holding a little, little key.  He took it off his key chain and added it to the container.  Havah then put the container back in the hole in the rocks.

Sadie was very satisfied with her treasure hunt.  She was ready to go home and to take her nap.

We will see you next Wednesday when we take you somewhere else!

Happy Week!