Where We Go Wednesday- Minto Brown Island Park 1

This week we loaded up thDoodle-Mobile and headed to Salem.  Our destination is a park, that is kept to respect the naturalness of the environment,  Minto Brown Island Park.

This park consist of over 800 acres.  It is made of two farmers farms.  One was owned by a Mr. Brown on what was called Brown’s Island.  The other by Mr. Minto, on Minto Island.  They laid in the Willamette River.  The river has had a couple of severe flooding years, and in the process the river’s course changed, leaving the islands high and dry.  Eventually the land ended up in the City of Salem’s hands and they have created a very natural park, where you can see wildlife, fruits and vegetables grow and also participate in recreation like running, hiking, biking and a DOG PARK!  And it was for this we went to Minto Brown Island Park.

We first drove around this large park.  There is a very nice, large dog park.  We saw many happy dogs chasing balls and playing with each other.  Because we have puppies at our house, and Mazy is just finishing her heat cycle, we did not go to that part of the park.  Doodles Mazy and Skittles joined us for this adventure.  Granddaughters Keira and Scharae enjoy taking the dogs exploring over bridges and through trails.

Skittles on the run!


Mazy tries exploring down a new trail.


Mazy and Skittles  enjoyed the educational display at the park.  It gave a bit of history about the land in the past, and also gave a lot of interesting facts about the impact of farming and urban growth now in the Willamette Valley.

Skittles and Mazy checking out the helpful information boards.


The dogs and the girls enjoyed posing for a few pictures….

Never can get those dogs to all sit at the same time, but Scharae is trying...


Queen of the rock!


Much of the park was closed due to high waters.  We will have to go back this summer for further exploring!

Thanks for joining us on Where We Go Wednesday!

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  • Iris van der schoot

    It is afif we are lokking at our Norah (Pasha )
    She sure looks like her mother Mazy!!
    Bye for now, iris

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