Where We Go Wednesday- To see Izzy! 2

We flew over to Idaho last weekend to see Izzy!  Well, ok, we actually went to see our son and daughter-in-law who own Izzy, but we saw her too. You probably are wondering, “Who is Izzy???”

Meet Izzy.

Izzy was born to Cherry and Funnie Fella a few years back.

What is special about Izzy is that she is “Differently Abled.”  Izzy is a three legged labradoodle.  When she was born, I didn’t notice anything particularly different about her.  Cherry had several puppies so I was just watching to see that she cared for each puppy well.  And she did.  It was the following day when my little friend Emillee came over,  that something odd was discovered.  Izzy was missing a foot!   Upon taking her to the vet, we found out that  it could create a problem.  It was very easy to have a constant bloody ankle, from using the ankle on the ground.   We did have to have her leg amputated at the hip.

Izzy was always a happy and active little girl.  She did not even seem to miss her leg!

She is grown now.  She enjoys a walk.  Playing fetch.  And letting everyone know it is time for bed!  She is not much of a night owl.  Izzy lives a fairly normal life now.

Thanks for the great visit Izzy!

2 thoughts on “Where We Go Wednesday- To see Izzy!

  • Lois Erzinger

    Izzy is a very beautiful and special dog. How would I go about buying a Labradoodle? I have a mini poodle 10 yrs old and a 1 yr old maltese. We just lost our 15 year old standard poodle, she was a very special dog, so gentle and kind. thank you, lois erzinger

  • Renee

    Izzy reminds me so much of our black lab that way. She was very good at letting us know when it was time to go to bed as well. I thought that it was just a quirk that she had. Come to find out that she is not the only one! Oh how I miss her! We said goodbye to her 2 months ago today. My heart is still aching. I am wondering just how long it will take to start to feel just a little normal. She was my companion and best friend. I am disabled and what a sweet blessing my girl was for me in my life. My husband sometimes has to works night shifts so my girl was so good to take such good care of me and make sure that I never felt lonely. Oh, I do miss her so. So when the time is right, we are really thinking that the Australian Labradoodle might just be our next family member. I’m so glad I have come across your sight and will keep you on my home page. Thanks for sharing about your sweet Izzy. You have made me smile tonight! 🙂

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