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Here it is already Wednesday… and it seems like it was just the weekend.   Wednesday is our day set aside to share with you a little about where we live and where we go.

Pine Lodge Labradoodles is located in the lovely state of Oregon in a little, little town called Silverton.  Silverton is located at the base of some beautiful mountains.  Running right through our little town is a creek, coming from the mountains.  It’s called Silver Creek.  Pine Lodge is not located right in Silverton actually, it is located out of town a few miles.

Today we would like to share with you one of Silverton’s city parks.  It is probably the smallest park.. but it has a couple of features that really make it stand out.

So a few of the dogs and us took a short drive to Town Square Park.

Town Square Park is the home of the cities Christmas tree.

Jody in front of the town Christmas tree... you can see it is very big!


Silverton's Official Christmas Tree

Each December the town holds a Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony here, in this little park.

This park is located along the banks of Silver Creek.  It’s a very natural setting.

Tobias by Silver Creek

Lovie taking a rest at a bench.

But one unique feature is the covered bridge that crosses the creek, connecting the little park with the other side of the town.  Covered Bridges are a part of Oregon’s history.  We actually have a real one here in Silverton…. But that is for another trip.

Roy and Tobias on the bridge.

This bridge is a replica of the old covered bridge.  It is a foot bridge, with some nice benches to sit and enjoy the view from.  It is a little bigger than it appears… In fact I do know of someone who was actually married on this very spot 🙂

Silverton's Covered Foot Bridge

The dogs enjoy the leisurely walk along the winding sidewalk…. But of course they enjoy sniffing the shrubbery much more.

Lovie enjoying the stroll.


Jody enjoying the shrubs.

In the U.S. having restrooms nearby is very important!  One of the cutest features is the restroom 🙂    It looks like a little house.  And of course it comes in very handy….

The cutest little restrooms!

Silverton is a town that wears its history on it’s walls.  Through out the little town you can find murals, depicting Silverton’s history or U.S. history painted on various businesses  outer walls.  Because this is the park that host the Christmas tree lighting, there is a mural on the outside of the little restroom house.

"We Believe" mural... kind of at a weird angle.

Silverton boast it’s belief in that jolly saint, Santa Claus.  It actually has a couple of real looking Santa’s residing in it’s boundaries.

We hope you enjoyed where Where We Go  Wednesday today.  We’ll see where we can take you to next week!

Roy and Lovie heading back to Pine Lodge

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