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When we were young parents, we never had a playpen until baby number 5.  We bought one to keep our little darling safe from being trampled, fallen on or mauled by his four older siblings.  We imagined this nice, safe spot for baby to play and develop.  Unfortunately, child number four really thought the playpen looked welcoming and would do a flip over the side, landing on baby…  we learned that there was more to using playpens than we first thought!

Fast forward to our life now.  We have had ex-pens for years.  An ex-pen is a portable, folding wire fence that comes in many different heights.  It can be put together with other ex-pens to vary the size of the yard you want.  It can also be used straight, to block off an area that you don’t want used by your puppies.  What we didn’t realize, was how helpful this could be for training a puppy!  It gives your puppy a safe controlled environment, yet be part of the house hold.  Puppy is taught what behavior is acceptable, without sacrificing your white carpet or Grandmother’s antique chair.

The puppy should learn also how to act inside the pen.  No jumping or jumping out.  No barking or whining.

We have several ex-pens that we use for a variety of reasons.  We would not have a puppy without one.

We made this little video to show you just a couple ways we use our ex-pens daily.  Sorry the video is kind of long…. I got carried away with videoing Sammi’s puppies because they were so cute!  Cannonball, an 11 week old standard puppy, loves to puppysit the puppies.  And they are rather fond of him also.

There are some excellent articles and youtube video’s on ex-pens.  You might want to do your own investigation on the subject 🙂

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    Yes, Tif Calder, it’s nice to have an older male puppy so happy to watch and play with the puppies. However…. his ultimate goal is to steal all of their toys. His own are not enough! He is a sweetheart though.

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