Wishes do Come True 2

We have had a once in a life time experience this week.  Something you really don’t imagine will happen.  A blessing.

A couple of years ago we sold a puppy to a family in Dronten, The Netherlands.  It was to be a service dog for Lisa.  We kept close contact with the family via email.  We also visited several times when we were in Holland.  We watched our first Super Bowl with the family!  Of course it was in the middle of the night and we did discover they do not get the commercials…

This past fall Lisa’s name was submitted to Make A Wish, Netherlands, to have a wish granted.  It took some time, but her wish was granted!  She was to come to Pine Lodge Labradoodles and play with puppies!

Lisa and Bollero

At last the day arrived and the Hoogaar family arrived at Pine Lodge on Sunday the 19th of May.  Lisa and her sister, Zoe, held puppies to their heart’s delight!  They washed and dried puppies.  They played with puppies.  They took puppies shopping in the puppy stroller.

Lisa was able to do a few other things that she found lots of fun.  She got very close to a waterfall.  Pietros Pizza of Salem hosted our group to Laser tag in their fantastic arena and also miniature golf.  Lisa became the newest and biggest fan to the the Oregon Beavers… while her father is a big Oregon Ducks fan…  Lisa found a pair of high top tennis shoes that are very stylish and fit her orthotics.   Lisa and the rest of her family are now professional crawdad fishermen!  Lisa enjoyed some Maine Lobster.

We had the most wonderful time with Lisa and her family.  We all shed a few tears when we had to say goodbye…  Well, it’s not really goodbye.  It’s see you later!  We know we will be to Dronten sometime.  And now the Hoogaars are planning for a future American vacation.

This was a big wish and we are so grateful that it could come true.  But we know everyday  we each have little wishes.  It warms our hearts when we see other helping one another, to make wishes come true.  That is what makes the world go around!  We always feel good our self, when we can be of help to bringing joy and happiness to someone.   Smiles and giggles are wonderful things.

This is a little video we  put together about our time together.  We hope you get some warm, fuzzy feelings from it 🙂



2 thoughts on “Wishes do Come True

  • Ciselle Elgers

    tears, tears, tears …… such a great wish ….we wish you Lisa beautifull memories of this trip and stay at Pinelogde…
    And Heidi and Roy.. thank you for granting this wish to really come true…You are such special people with large and very kind hearts!
    Love from us, the Binky and cookie familly… love!

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