You’re Still The One! 7

Roy and Heidi

This post is a little off subject… but important all the same.

We are a family, home business.  My husband and I work together and live with a bunch of dogs.  Not glamorous… but certainly interesting.

We met while in high school.  Two different high schools actually.  We were high school sweet hearts.  We got married and had a beautiful family of 5 children.  Now we are grandparents of 10.

Tomorrow is our 35th Wedding Anniversary!  I  would just like to say, I am so grateful for my wonderful husband.  Marriage is a lot of work and many challenges.  I am grateful for a husband who puts up with me, and didn’t let me throw in the towel.  Marriage is part of our Heavenly Father’s plan, to bring us happiness.  I know that it is worth putting the effort into, to attain that.

If I was asked for just one tid bit of advice on marriage, I would share the advice a good church leader gave us:  Go on a date every week.  Even if it is only to get milk.  Or after the children are in bed… or like now, to buy puppy food.  You can’t sit on a fence in marriage.  Either you strengthen it or you let it grow cold and weak.

Ok.  Enough of all that stuff!

This video is for my dear husband.  “You’re still the one!”

7 thoughts on “You’re Still The One!

  • Anouk van den Dungen

    Heidi what a great movie (btw it worked on my Mac), so nice to see two people still in love after all these years. Congratulations on your 35th anniversary

  • Michel & Marieke

    How sweet!!! Happy anniversay and many more to come!!


    Michel, Marieke, Lisa, Zoë & Pammy

  • Maxine Conrad

    What a wonderful video. Enjoy every day. Del & I missed our 50th by less than 5 months. Loved every day no matter what. It is so great to see a couple still so much in love. By the way…I was 16 when we met on a blind date. Hugs to you both.

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