ziggy_1126e ziggy_1126dHi Connie,

I just wanted to send these pictures of Ziggy of his first night with us, as you can see he did great right off the bat!!!! I have no words to express how amazing this little guy is, he is so happy and so advanced for his age, I taught him to sit the first night he was here and he has done it on command every time since. He loves my Duncan and Bella and they are slowly getting used to the new kid on the block. We have short sets of stairs leading to our living space and down to our sunroom, he goes up and down the stairs like he’s been doing it since birth (it took Duncan and Bella a week or so to master the same stairs) so we were truly amazed . Ziggy slept through the night in his crate next to the bed) and goes potty every time we take him out (which is often), we could not be more pleased with this special guy!!!!

Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll keep you updated and all the best to you and the gang,

ziggy_1126a ziggy_1126c ziggy_1126b