zola_0829g zola_0829eWe love Zola, our puppy from Chase and Colie’s litter. She has been so much fun to have in the family this summer and goes with us everywhere, especially to Grandma’s house. Now that she is 4 months old and had all of her shots, she can go even more places. We took her on a 4-mile hike and she loved running through the woods and up and down boulders. She kept going for the full 2-hour hike! She also loves to play with other dogs!

The biggest training challenge so far was teaching her not to bite or mouth others. However, she has greatly improved although she still gets overly excited at first when new people visit. Overall, she is a very smart, well-behaved and lovable puppy!

Thank you!

Note: Puppies are like infants and babies; they put things in their month. It’s a natural behavior. It is a way of learning and expressing happiness toward you. A puppy does need to learn through gentile, patient correction that the behavior is not acceptable.

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