We have 3 acres and are getting a fence put in, but I am walking Zumi now. That is what I did for Mazie, my Kerry Blue. She does listen and stay close. She is wonderful. My daughter woke up from a nap and cried, and Zumi came running to make sure she was ok. (We changed her name this morning as my daughter is Arabella, “Ella” and it was more difficult that we thought). Zumi is short for Zuma, which means peace, and is fitting as we are from Zuma Beach in Malibu.

I have been taking pictures of Zumi so you can see her new home. She loves lying by the glass door and looking out at the backyard. I can’t believe it has barely been 24 hours. She has already met my mom and my sister with her two little boys. Zumi and the boys (3 and 5) played for about 45 minutes together. I have walked her around the Bay today and she seemed to like it. We went slow so she could get used to everything.

I have left her food and water out all day, but brought it next to my daughter when she ate dinner and they ate together.

I will give her lots of love for you. She is amazing, and I know a lot of that is a testament to you.