baxter_0311a baxter_0311bThe months have been flying by! We took Baxter to the vet a couple weeks ago (he caught a stomach bug that has been going around here). He weighs 19 pounds and the vet thinks he’s closing in on being full grown.

I’ve attached a couple pics and a video (hope you can open it) of his most recent bath time. I snapped them quickly with my phone, so they’re not very good quality wise. He loves being in the water. He stands up for me while I lather and rinse him then, after we’re all done with bath time and I give him the okay, he goes and plops down under the running water, plugging the drain. He loves to lay there and let the water run on him as he tries to catch it in his mouth. He’ll soak in the tub for hours if you let him.

He also loves to splash in mud puddles when we’re out walking, which is how he ended up in the tub in the pictures above. He did an amazing job of coating himself in mud with just one jump into a puddle.

He continues to amaze and impress us. He loves everyone and has never met an animal that wasn’t his friend. He loves dogs, cats and even bunny rabbits. When he came home he was very shy and timid, even with us. Over time, he’s come out of that, but he can still get scared in some new situations. But he’s become very affectionate in the last month or so. We’re big on puppy kisses and snuggling in our house, and he’s really come into his own recently. He loves to lay next to me in my favorite chair and snuggle me, give me kisses or take a quick nap.

He’s just such a good, good dog. We have our Schnauzers as you know. Baxter was close to their sizes when he came home but he is now substantially larger than they are. He’s very aware of this and he’s always gentle as they rough house, tear around the house and wrestle. It’s like he’s fully aware of how big and strong he is now and he’s in control of it, which is pretty amazing.

We couldn’t be happier with our little man and, when the time comes that we add another doodle to our family, you’ll be getting an e-mail from us! 🙂

We’re taking him to be groomed this weekend and getting him a buzz cut. We’re getting into the rainy season here, so we think a shorter coat will be easier to deal with (and easier on our carpets). I’ll send you pics when he’s all done!

Hope all is well with you.

Take care!