acharlieathalloweenHey Connie, I wanted to take a minute to let you know all is well with Charlie (and us). I can’t believe it’s only been four days since we got him. He’s completely captured our hearts. Went to the vet for a well puppy visit yesterday. Boy, you already did EVERYTHING all the shots, rabies, neutered, chip, etc. Thanks! (saved me a bundle there!). They LOVED the puppy “baby book.” (it is terrific). He is so smart and friendly. The vet adores him. The service dog trainer, Mara, adores him. More importantly, Sarah loves him! We are doing “clicker training” and he already knows how to sit! He knows his name and is walking well on a leash. He is being in his kennel/crate well, and had not yet had an accident in the house (it may happen, but he is really good about this). Four days! Incredible. It’s cold here tonight and he loves playing in the cold (can’t say I do). Can’t wait till it snows. He did grab a TV remote today and tried to change the channel, but, hey, it’s a guy thing, right?

I sent emails to family and friends telling them we are getting Charlie for Sarah (as a service dog), and they are now calling me and saying “we want one of those.” Fortunately, I have learned about things like hip scores and good eyes and things like that which contribute to a dog’s health and longevity, and am able to educate people about the Australian labradoodles. Everybody thinks you just cross a poodle with a labrador and that’s it, but it’s so much more. Thanks for the info on your website and the links.<

My asthma and allergies are doing great. Even when Charlie comes in wet, it doesn’t bother me. Which is wonderful. It still continues to surprise me, but I love it! I just couldn’t have a shedding dog, even a service dog.

Charlie has an appt at the doggie beauty salon this Saturday and then a photo op with Santa. We will have to send you pictures. He starts “puppy kindergarten” next Tuesday and service dog puppy orientation this Sunday. They say it will take about two years for him to completely train as a service dog, but he is so smart, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sooner than that.

Connie, thanks so much for EVERYTHING you have done. You have been so kind and thoughtful towards my daughter Sarah and with Charlie and I really appreciate it. Our animal behavioral therapist (who came to check out Charlie before we adopted him) said she was very picky about breeders and had a short list and was very impressed with how you have the dogs, feed them, etc. I thought what was interesting was that she felt the best dog for Sarah was the one that you had already suggested! I don’t know much about dogs, and wanted to take them all home immediately, they were so cute.

Charlie is so cuddly, and that is just what Sarah likes. It’s so perfect, like a match made in heaven. it’s going to open a whole new world of opportunities for Sarah.

Thanks, Connie!