Hi Connie!

Just wanted to send a much belated thank you for providing us with our most beloved family member! Dug is about 10 months old now and he could not be any more perfect! He is SO sweet, loyal, playful, friendly, smart, and quite an excellent hiker (off leash might I add!) He also loves the dog park….our favorite thing is how he goes up to every human to say hi before playing with the other doggies! He knows how adorable he is because he gets stopped in public about 8 times daily to be told how cute and sweet he is. Luckily it hasn’t gotten to his head. We’ve passed along your website to plenty of interested strangers in the LA area! Thank you so much again!! We could not be more in love!!!

Happy 2014!
Lindsay and Ryan

PS: I attached some pictures of when he was littler and some recent ones too!

dug_0403a dug_0403b dug_0403c dug_0403d dug_0403e dug_0403f dug_0403g dug_0403h dug_0403i