Great age of 5 Weeks! 2

Three of Tilly's Puppies


Tilly’s Australian Labradoodle puppies are now 5 weeks old!  At 5 weeks, the puppies begin to be fun!  They now are interested in people and want to follow you, to play with you and to have you pick them up….there is nothing like being wanted and loved by a puppy!

One of the reasons for this change in the puppies is because they are about weaned from their mother.  They now recognize another hand that feeds them.  They also are just developmentally, more social.  They are more curious, more playful and more social.

Their little teeth are coming in pretty good so they are wanting to chew!  They are starting to think about some dry food to crunch in those sharp teeth.  They like chewing on toys.  They like chewing on each other, until one gives a yelp!  And they like chewing on peoples toes!  Thus we generally wear enclosed toe shoes to spare our little tootsies.

The fifth week is just a wonderful week, when the puppies really start to become themselves!  And of course, they are looking more like the beautiful Australian Labradoodle puppy that they are!

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  • Doris Bischof

    Hallo, lieber Züchter,

    was müssen wir tun, wir wollen einen Welpen/Rüde,braun oder auch hell.
    Was kostet so ein Kleiner? Wie lange müssten wir warten und wie sähe der
    Transportweg aus, wir wohnen im Südschwarzwald,30 km hinter Freiburg.
    Über eine aussagekräftige Antwort würden ich mich sehr freuen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Doris Bischof

    Tel.:07682 9238811

    • admin

      Hello Doris,

      I sent you an email with the answers to your questions. Thank you for visiting my website!

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