henry_0618Hi Connie,

I wanted to catch you up about Henry. I know you won’t be surprised. He is the most lovable dog I have ever known. He even loves being “tortured” by my grandchildren. Everyone who sees him thinks he is the most gorgeous dog they have ever seen. He is still being groomed in a “puppy cut” so his hair is red, long and flowing in the breeze. He loves “doggie daycare” where he goes once or twice a week, and they love him also. He also goes to the dog park with me occasionally. He is very smart and he learns very quickly. I have an obedience trainer working with me once every week or so because, as she puts it, he is in a rebellious adolescent stage. If he sees a squirrel or a chipmunk, he forgets all about his training, and his 30 pounds feels like 100 pounds as he tries to pull me around so he can get to them. I can’t thank you enough for breeding such a perfect guy. I am truly lucky.