Henry in New York!

Henry is a cool dood living in New York. We recently received a nice update from his human mother, Jamie. If you’d like to see more of Henry, he can sometimes be found hanging out on Instagram as henrydoodleny!


Hi Heidi,

The new website looks great. I still check back frequently to look at the pups, it just always puts a smile on my face! I also see some of Henry’s relatives are up and coming breeders. Not surprised, such great lines.

Henry is doing incredibly well. Oh do we love this boy!! He is exactly the kind of family dog we hoped for and more. We take him all over with us and he’s a regular at Home Depot lol! We took him to Philadelphia for the weekend and he was so easy going about it. He gave us no trouble in the car (3 hour ride) and enjoyed visiting relatives and staying in a hotel. He went with us to outdoor restaurants and drew all kind of attention. What an amazing dog!

Just wanted to say hi and thanks again for this perfect boy!

Take care,